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Set of 2 New Pipe Baskets $1200/pr.

Our Pipe Baskets are made to rack pipe in the yard for storage.  There are multiple benefits to pipe baskets as opposed to conventional pipe racks.  The primary feature is safety.  As you can see, there is no way to roll pipe off the rack.  Each row is the same width as a trailer so a forklift can conveniently pick up one layer and load a trailer much more efficiently.  One row on the rack is one row on the trailer.  Since the forklift operator has no need to count joints to fill a row, he can work much more efficiently and load trailers quicker with less need to wrestle pipe while standing on a trailer and risking a broken ankle.  Each rack holds pipe securely in position providing an accurate count.  If you have 16 joints on one row, you have 16 joints on all rows.  Simple math can give an efficient and positively accurate pipe count.

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