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Our new RMA2 is designed to be integrated into a workover rig.  The BOP Valves are preintalled into a cabinet designed to mount on the rig with JIC connections on the rear panel.  All BOP valves are Barksdale and all ball valves are Swagelok.  The internal plumbing is stainless steel with SwageLok fittings.  We use a separate PTO mounted to the transmission with a pressure compensating pump set to 2950 psi. This means the system will always maintain pressure to the bottles without interference to the rig’s main hydraulic system. When in road gear, the operator shuts in the pump valve and opens the bleeder to dump the fluid from the bottles for safe transport.

The cabinet includes the following in order from left to right;

Barksdale ½” Pipe Ram 4-way Valve

Bleeder Valve

Barksdale ½” Blind Ram 4-way Valve


Pump Shut-In Valve

Bottle Isolation Valve

The left gauge is Regulated Pressure and the right gauge is Bottle Pressure.

We can install the complete system on the rig.  The full system will include the cabinet, two 10 gallon bottles, pump, PTO, all plumbing to the rear of the rig, and 16’ extension hoses with Stucchi quick connects on the ends of the hoses.

The most import safety factor of this setup is that anytime the rig is running, the pressure in the bottles is constantly maintained. A trailer mounted accumulator can develop an engine malfunction and the problem will not be known until an attempt is made to operate the unit.  The 20 gallon capacity on the rig allows for 3 complete cycles of one set of rams on a 7 1/16” BOP. 5 more cycles can be achieved at over 1000 psi hydraulic pressure before the bottles are empty.  The ½” valves and lines will complete a shut-in of the BOP in approximately 3 seconds at 1500 psi.  Unlike the trailer mounted accumulator, if there is an engine failure, it will not go unnoticed.